Habibi Halaqas

Habibi Halaqas is a for sisters by sisters project where we conduct online lectures that usually take place once a month in the evenings (CST/EST time). Lectures are conducted ONLINE where you can view a visual presentation on the topic and also interact with other sisters from all around the world.

We have discussions on various topics such as Islamic Knowledge, Life Skills specific to Muslim sisters, Social Psychology, Self Grooming and more!

Our website also includes articles in English and various other languages, ebooks, Islamic picture reminders, videos, book reviews, interviews and an online magazine, alhumdulillah!

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This is an expression which means: “May the blessings of Allah (be upon you).” When a Muslim wants to thank to another person, he uses different statements to express his thanks, appreciation, and gratitude. One of them is to say “Baraka Allah.”
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